Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL)

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) Project Review: A Decentralized Deflationary Yield Farming Ecosystem

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) has just started developing its deflationary yield farming ecosystem, and the project's continued success lies in a development designed to ensure the best returns for users when rewards are provided for each smart vault. Smart Vault ensures higher accrual APY as users do not need manual intervention to manage their assets to optimize profits. Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) will be a native governance token where users can directly participate in the decision-making process by holding Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) and staking to participate in governance mechanisms.

What is Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL)?

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) builds a commodity-like yield farming token that allows users to treat it as a store of value and earn profits in the early stages of the protocol. The team decided the system should be a hybrid yield farming method and deflationary code. This captures the best of both worlds in DeFi, creating a commodity like money while also allowing early adopters to earn a substantial amount of profit incentives. OIL with a total supply of 600,000,000 CRUDOIL will plummet due to the deflationary burn mechanism applied to every transaction.

The team behind the protocol decided on this fixed-supply and deflationary yield farm system as an experiment in the De-Fi world. The idea is that this token will act as a store of value as the supply is continuously decreasing. On top of that, in keeping with the current De-Fi landscape, the team incorporated profit incentives.

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL)

Crudeoil Finance Protocol (CRUDOIL) aims to integrate a lot of DeFi features into one ecosystem.

The team is currently finalizing the staking and farming contracts, which will allow users to earn liquidity incentives. Initially, users will provide CRUDOIL/BNB liquidity to earn additional rewards in CRUDOIL tokens. There is also a CRUDOIL staking pool that incentivizes users to claim CRUDOIL rewards for those who want to stake their CRUDOIL tokens. This is the first step the protocol is taking to fulfill its mission of being a profitable and staking incentivized platform

Besides the first groups, we can expect to see other groups that allow users to earn CRUDOIL. In the future, Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) will integrate a productivity optimization tool into the ecosystem.

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October 17, 2021 Listing PancaKeSwap,Coinmarketcap

October 30, 2021 Listing AscendEX (Bitmax)

November 12, 2021 Listing MXC,GATE,KuCoin

December 1, 2021, Listing Binance If there are 10,000 Holders wallet

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Transaction Fees

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) aims to tackle the issue of inflationary AMM tokens through their unique CRUDOIL tokenomics structure. This model allows CRUDOIL to battle the inflationary macroeconomic backdrop we are currently in. The team doesn’t stop there as they plan to build out an innovative ecosystem that contains an AMM, yield optimizer, and an NFT marketplace all in one. If successful this DeFi ecosystem will be tied into the OIL token, allowing holders to extract value from the success of the project.

Node Incentivisation

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) has just begun developing its deflationary yield farming ecosystem, and they are off to a fantastic start. The project’s success remains in the future developments of features such as their AMM and yield aggregator.


Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) Before the release of yield aggregation the team is focused on launching own Crudeoil DEX which will leverage AMM technology. This DEX will incorporate numerous yield farming opportunities as well as a launchpad system.

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL)

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) is aiming to launch the decentralized governance system alongside the Crudeoil NFT marketplace. The governance feature will allow CRUDOIL holders to vote and propose protocol changes. This is similar to nearly all decentralized governance protocols seen on both Ethereum and the BSC. As for the NFT Marketplace, this is something the team is currently developing on the backburner, and do not have a final or concrete structure of how the market will operate

Pallet Deployment

Crudeoil Finance (CRUDOIL) As for their initial token, CRUDOIL, the team decided this will not be the case, incorporating a deflationary mechanism and hard-capped supply at 100,00,000 CRUDOIL. This system will allow CRUDOIL to trade similar to a commodity once all the tokens have been emitted. On top of this, there is a 2% transaction fee, 50% of the tax is sent to CRUDOIL holders while the other 50% is burned permanently. This burn will be applied to every transaction until 90% of the total supply has been removed from circulation.


A large portion of CRUDOIL will be distributed through yield incentives, so it is important to note that the project will be in an inflationary stage while rewards are being distributed to liquidity providers and stakers.